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Disinfectant 100% biodegradable spray bottle 500ml

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100% biodegradable

Acts reliably and quickly against
Bacteria, Virus, Spores and mushrooms.

Without alcohol, solvent or perfume

Physical disinfectant for surface disinfection of all known surfaces, also synthetic material compositions.

Alkaline electrochemically activated saline. Contains no organic, olybutylene tenerphalates, persistent or bioacconable fabrics.

Tested for animal and human

500ml with spray head

It is best to clean theDoggyFix Safety SeatWith a damp cloth and our DoggyFix Clean & Safety Disinfectant!

The basket can also clean with hand wash and the cover of the seat cushion at 30 ° C in the washing machine.
Our basket is not suitable for the dryer!

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