The Doggyfix Team

Doggyfix mainly produces stylish, high-quality products for a relaxed life with dogs. In addition to hygienic artificial leather beds, we focus as a Austrian manufacturer from Vienna for the development of security systems for the transport of dogs in the car. It is important to us that the backup does not only correspond to the Load Security Act, but that our products offer our dogs an effective chance to survive an emergency or a rear-end collision without damage.

Directly followed by this security idea for dogs in the car is the hygiene aspect. With our products, we want to make the driving of the dog for the driver as pleasant as possible and want a hygienic, clean car - with dog.

The Doggyfix Safetyseat is easy to clean and offers the dog a nice place in your vehicle. In addition, the ISOFIX security system is very easy to assemble and remove from the car. Protective covers and transport boxes thus belong to the past - there are only a few arguments to use such products in the vehicle. It is a good feeling to know that our dogs can safely ride in the car.
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